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We may not be as rich as kings were in times long gone, but we definitely have better lives.

I mean, we don’t have to shit in literal pots for one. Quality of life is so great that for most things kings had servants for, we don’t even need them. We have easy access to water for drinking and washing, food is readily available, entertainment and “advice” is at our fingertips. Luxury goods from foreign countries are pretty easy to get, too.

What of the peasants of those olden times though, how did they view royalty? As living actually better lives, or just in needless luxury? The latter is how most all of us view the top percent of our times. Will that, too, make its way down to us in the future? If so, what will the “needless luxury” of the future be?

Wonder if this kind of relationship will always continue to exist and progress through time.
~ Fang


  • 12/03/2017 (4:29 PM)

    There’s a quote about the rich being the most despised in every age, only I can’t find it now.

    But it seems like maybe, regardless of what the relative standard of wealth was at any given time, too often, that wealth was felt to have accrued at the expense of everybody else.

    Some things work their way down in time, I agree. But I read an article that said some NAMES (as in what people name their kids) work their way down and others (particularly ethnic names) work their way up.

    Interesting topic…

    • 12/03/2017 (9:13 PM)

      Any chance you can link that article? That sounds really interesting!

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