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Six years!

Because who really knows what kinds of ungodly things you’ve agreed to by default?

It’s unheard of to receive newsletters from listings you never subscribed to, even though there’s always the option to unsubscribe. It’s classified as junk mail and everyone actively fights it. Why doesn’t the same apply to other uses of your personal information? All of your online accounts with the big companies have all the nasty settings enabled by default, and nobody even seems to know they’re exist.

A particularly weird example is Google’s shared endorsements. If enabled, which it is by default, you’ll be used to empower their ads! They’ll take your name, profile picture, and favorable reviews you placed and put them alongside ads on their pages.

Sure, this information is technically already out there, but it’s not an advertisement. And yet, here Google is, using it to build ads. They’re fully within their right to do so, but I don’t feel it’s morally correct to have this enabled by default without people’s knowledge. Then again, changing that would keep the thing from getting off the ground altogether.

Urbit can’t come soon enough, I can’t wait to tick instead of untick sharing-related checkboxes.
~ Fang

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