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If you visited the blog yesterday (or any of my sites for that matter) there’s a good chance you caught me with my pants down.

A little while ago I got notified by my hosting provider that my server would be migrated to new hardware with a newer version of its operating system. All I had to do was (manually, in my case) point my domain names to the new server after the switch. But I completely forgot, and got home late. I had little over an hour to get things up and running again, but that wasn’t enough.

Turns out that, even though the database instances migrated properly, the data inside of them didn’t. Basically I just had a bunch of names with no meaning behind them. For a brief moment, I feared I lost it all. Blog posts, chat logs, everything. But then I realized my host has always been good about everything, so they wouldn’t just switch and throw away the old stuff right away.

Sent in a support ticket, and within an hour they got the mess sorted out. Data moved over from the old server, and everything was fully functional again.

So, sorry for the downtime. Just glad it’s over without any lasting nastiness.
~ Fang

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