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12 03 17

Mirror image

There’s more to seeing than our eyes.

Today was a nice, sunny spring day. I saw our parking lot and playground reflected in the window, but it looked very off. Like I hadn’t ever seen it before. Things look so unfamiliar when they get mirrored, it’s shocking. Sure, given enough time we will be able to recognize it as something we know, but the first glance is like a view of an alternate reality.

It seems our brains can’t “just” flip pattern recognition around in arbitrary ways. It may very well be that transformations like this have to be done via whatever handles spatial transformations, rather than the visual processing parts.

This might be related to that drawing advice that tells you to flip your piece horizontally occasionally, to more easily spot composition errors and other funky-looking things. It forces you to re-parse what you’re looking at, rather than throwing it through the same visual process you learned to use when you first observed it.

Brains are weird.
~ Fang

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