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22 03 17

Leg day

My legs are going to be swole as all heck, I’m telling you now.

In another exciting edition of Exploding Knees we get advised to up the ante and start leg-stretch-lifting 20kg instead of our current 15kg. Regular exercise in walks and jogs has already resumed, but with what limits? Low ones. Those exist to be pushed, but how far? We’ll have to see.

If my physician is right then my road to recovery is paved with stronger leg muscles and higher leg stability. And I’ve been working on that! For two months now, in fact. Results are getting better, but they’re still shaky at best. A bad day still has me treading lightly for fear of pushing the joints too hard.

But hey, I can run short distances again, so that’s a good sign.
~ Fang


  • 23/03/2017 (2:07 AM)

    Good to hear that there’s progress. Is running long distances the goal?

    • 23/03/2017 (11:10 AM)

      I used to do like 6-7km, and was trying to work my way up to 10km. Also, I want to do long distance hiking, that’ll need Man Knees™ too.

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