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For the second time this year, a new part of my life has begun!

That’s really quite something, considering we’re not even three full months in yet. But, much like the first time, it doesn’t actually feel like a huge change is suddenly occurring. It’s just sort of the logical next step which I’m taking. But that’s hindsight talking, I certainly haven’t always been 100% certain about the direction I’m now heading in.

But it’s good, it’s great. I’m excited to get started– to continue getting started. Couldn’t help but start last Friday, and did little bits of work over the weekend too. The difference with working on Urbit as something on the side feels really subtle, and most of that stems from the increase in communication. That’s a good sign, I’d say!

Still super excited and proud to be able to say I’m working on the future. And an amazing one we’ll build!
~ Fang


  • 20/03/2017 (12:35 AM)

    I feel like everyone’s life has just so many moving parts at a time, and once you replace a bunch of them, it’s like you have a different life.

    You know, like the old thing they say about a broom. Once you’ve replaced the handle and then the brush, is it still the same broom?

    You’re replacing pieces. It’s inspiring me to consider a new brush.

    • 20/03/2017 (9:50 AM)

      The Ship of Theseus.

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