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27 03 17

In flux

Urbit is currently in an interesting and slightly troublesome position.

The project being what it is, succeeding exclusively through software quality, it’s not strange for it to undergo numerous rewrites. Over and over until we reach a perfect state. This doesn’t mean the changes always have to be big, but sometimes they are. And that’s what happens to be the case right now. Large, important parts of the system are up for rewrite and will be quite a bit different in the next release.

It’s going to move the system forward, but at the same time it’s also holding us back. We want to onboard more developers, get more people working on the system itself and software on top of it. But it’s not cool to ask someone to do a thing, and then have them rewrite large parts of the thing because of environmental changes. Not to mention, writing documentation is currently a Sisyphean task: by the time you’ve got a high-quality write-up, lots of it will need to be revised to reflect recent changes.

Despite all that though, we’re still gaining momentum, so that’s definitely a good sign.
~ Fang


  • 30/03/2017 (2:32 PM)

    You’re using words like “onboard” now? You’re officially a professional. It does sound like a tricky proposition. I would personally hold off on bringing more people in until the changes have been made. Like you said, it would be too much of a burden to bring people on right now.

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