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Shits and giggles

First week of new and amazing work is over already, it’s gone by really fast!

Good progress, great enjoyment, there’s not much I’d change here. I originally set out to just shift my waking hours into the night a little bit to be available for communication, but that sort of turned into an extension of my working day. Technically speaking I’m working “hourless”, as long as I have a decent level of output to show for it. Still try to aim for at least eight hours a day, that’s the least I could do.

The line between work and breaks is a bit blurry sometimes, but I don’t have to beat myself up about getting distracted because I know I’m also getting work done at a solid pace– and can always tack more hours onto my day if really needed. This allows me to keep that comfortable no-pressure feel around, which in turn results in less stress, better productivity and higher enjoyment.

The workweek feels short now, not long.
~ Fang

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