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It’s probably going to be more reasonable than you think.

Last night, I witnessed SpaceX sending a rocket into space to bring a satellite into orbit. Not just a regular rocket though. This thing has been to space before! Some time ago, they successfully sent it up and landed it on a recovery platform. Today, they reused the thing, saving construction costs on the most expensive part of space things. And today it did it again, the trusty old thing!

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30 03 17


Consumerism is alive and well.

And of all the things we have been focussing on optimizing, all the junk we consume isn’t one. Our modest household of four produces hella trash over the course of a week. Full garbage bags, piles of paper waste. And then we’re not even looking at all the other resources that go in and out of our home.

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Because who really knows what kinds of ungodly things you’ve agreed to by default?

It’s unheard of to receive newsletters from listings you never subscribed to, even though there’s always the option to unsubscribe. It’s classified as junk mail and everyone actively fights it. Why doesn’t the same apply to other uses of your personal information? All of your online accounts with the big companies have all the nasty settings enabled by default, and nobody even seems to know they’re exist.

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28 03 17

The modern Bard

Because what are songs for if not storytelling?

Sure, most songs in modern culture will feature some theme or message, or describe a series of events, but not many describe lore of a larger fictional world, or tell the tales of its happenings. And that’s a shame, because music can be a really good storytelling medium!

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27 03 17

In flux

Urbit is currently in an interesting and slightly troublesome position.

The project being what it is, succeeding exclusively through software quality, it’s not strange for it to undergo numerous rewrites. Over and over until we reach a perfect state. This doesn’t mean the changes always have to be big, but sometimes they are. And that’s what happens to be the case right now. Large, important parts of the system are up for rewrite and will be quite a bit different in the next release.

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