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Really Stupid Injury

Holy shit, I look away for a moment and suddenly Bitcoin has gotten so mature!

A couple of years ago, Bitcoin was the gamble of the century. Now, there seems to be no end to its deflation. And around its at times tumultuous growth has flowered a wonderful ecosystem, with exchanges and services and proper acceptance. Oh my! Just today I used Bitcoin to make a large purchase, assisted by an escrow service which has actual humans assist as trust agents. There’s more trust in the Bitcoin ecosystem than in modern banks!

And that’s good. Great, even. Digital currencies are a step towards a better future. The digital age will continue, and it might even consume all. Sounds weird, unbelievable almost, but it has proven its unstoppability time and time again. And as Bitcoin continues to grow and grow, my regret of not getting in early (rather, not getting in at all) does so too. But that won’t stop me from enjoying what has become of it.

Tech is just so exciting when there’s so much actual real-world value it can deliver.
~ Fang


  • 17/02/2017 (2:41 PM)

    My only problem with bitcoin (other than not investing two years ago and making a fortune) is that it inspired so many other digital currencies. It wouldn’t be so bad if bitcoin was all there was, but now you have all these other kinds of coins and it feels so unnecessary. I will commend bitcoin for the work it has done legitimising itself though.

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