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22 02 17

The right foot

If that’s what you get off on. If that’s your thing. I don’t judge.

Today’s been a day of “shit I should’ve just done that right the first time around”. Nothing saves you more time in the long run than starting things off right, even when taking short-term gains into account. At work, I spent nearly an hour merging two sets of changes together. One is dependent on the other, so if I had spent a couple of minutes thinking this through early on, I could’ve prevented the extra work I did today.

And just now, for an Urbit thing I was working on, I realized it might not have been very smart to work off the live version of the software rather than the soon-to-be-released development version. There’s some major changes in there, and though they may not directly conflict with my work, there’s a couple of weird bugs I encountered that may or may not have already been solved in the in-development version.

As much as you want to go hard and fail fast (which is a good thing!) you still need to take the long-term into account to prevent waste like this.
~ Fang

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