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18 02 17

In on the action

Better early than never.

Back when Apple still put out decent products, my dad would frequently tell us of one of his biggest regrets. During his younger years, he had the opportunity to get in on some Apple stock. This was before it boomed into the giant white-and-grey tech-giant it is today, so he would have gotten in at the ground floor more or less. For whatever reason, he didn’t. Not a single share. He could’ve reaped an enormous profit off even the tiniest stock, if he had had it.

But of course, anyone around that time with some savings had the chance to invest in Apple. Not everyone did though, because not everyone believed in them. Maybe my dad didn’t believe in them hard enough either, or maybe he was just risk-averse. Bottom line is he missed his chance.

I’m in a similar position. Am young, have capital available to me, and something I believe in. Do I believe in it enough to pull all the triggers and shoot for the stars? Well, I already pulled some triggers, some fairly good ones even. Technically, it’s already paying off. And yet, I’m hesitant to do some more. I want to keep some of my capital to invest in experiences over property, but will that still be worth in the long run?

At least I got a little bit in already. “I wish I went in harder” sounds like a better regret to have than “I wish I went in”.
~ Fang

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