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07 02 17

Hold my hand

Because if you don’t, I will fall and either become unmoving, or take everything down with me.

The first few days, weeks, probably months or years of a “junior” developer are weird. You just finished spending all your time to learn whatever you could, try and prove you’re fit to walk in the real world. Now that you’re actually starting to walk though, you realize what you learned does only the bare minimum to support you. More frequently, not even enough.

Where you’ve been walking on a flat surface for the past who knows how many years of your life, you’re suddenly pushed onto uneven ground. That cushiony level floor simply couldn’t have taught you anything about this, and yet you’re supposed to navigate the challenging terrain straight away.

I feel way out of my depth already, even though I’m working on something related to my internship. Definitely the time to keep asking questions though. If I can slowly but surely and securely learn to walk, then maybe you’ll see me running one day.

But first, let’s just make it through my first week OK.
~ Fang

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