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Coding with your clogs on.

Like looking at the very first web pages, or the first concept smartphone.

It’s a weird feeling. Something a tad alien-looking while seemingly constructed from familiar concepts. It looks new, and you can make assumptions about what it does, but you can’t be quite sure. Still, it seems inspiring. New, fresh, plenty of possibilities for cool things to be happening. Coincidentally, the folks from Urbit released a new status update post today. It gets a bit internals-specific, but the screenshots and bullet points do a great job of conveying the direction we’re heading in!

And it’s exciting. The backing tech we need is nearing some form of completion, and so we can get to work on actually making things for end-users. The UI design in those mockups looks sleek and spacey and kind of inviting, in a way. Good attributes to strive for, especially if you aim to make the full power of computing available to people afraid of or uninterested in wielding it.

Hype for the next crowdsale already, I hope it’ll do well!
~ Fang

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