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23 02 17

Force of wind

It’s ridiculously stormy outside today, and I absolutely love it.

The wind turbines must be doing well, it’s been gusting all day long. In some parts of the country a weather alarm has been set, “storm is coming” and all that. Sure, it sucks if you’re going anywhere, but when there isn’t a bunch of rain flying about as well it’s actually really nice to just be outside.

Huge amounts of air are being displaced, trying to move their way through the narrow corridors of all the man-made structures it finds. The outside feels like it’s so full of energy right now, and every short lapse in the rush just highlights its intensity.

I really hope it’s not too rainy tomorrow, I may want to have a walk through the forest in these conditions if they persist.
~ Fang


  • 24/02/2017 (1:22 PM)

    There was a massive storm here too. I didn’t learn about it until I got home from walking to the doctors. So I guess I got lucky. Today the weather is very bright and sunny. It looks like such a massive storm was just what was needed to banish the last of winter and welcome spring.

    • 24/02/2017 (4:34 PM)

      Heh, same over here too. As nice as wild weather is, smooth summer breezes can’t come soon enough!

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