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I was going to write a post about how all the cool problems in tech have already been solved, but that’s not actually true.

Of course, the folks who invented the core of modern technology got dibs on all the most interesting problems there, but when you take things a little higher you’ll find a lot of things still left to solve. And even on the lower levels, where plenty of algorithms have already been proposed, you’ll find a lot of room for improvement.

But the magical realm of technology is ever-expanding, and as more things become possible, we get new and vastly different problems to solve. Whether this relates to security, performance, social aspects, we’ll never be in a state of “yeah we got pretty much everything covered now”.

It’s exciting. You won’t know what the future holds, and even educated guesses can only get you so far. You’ll have to come up with solutions on the spot if you want to keep the ball rolling. It’s what makes rapidly evolving fields to challenging, so fun.

Sometimes I wish I got deeper into computer science, but userspace still presents fun problems too!
~ Fang

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