Fang Talks

28 02 17


For something as big as the internet, it sure fails often.

Today, Amazon S3 is down. Infrastructure which supports a large amount of websites. Recently, Cloudbleed happened, sending supposed-to-be-encrypted data scattering across CloudFlare-using websites. A little while ago, Github went down, keeping programmers from reaching their code. Somewhere around that time, Stack Overflow also went down, keeping programmers from finding code to write.

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27 02 17

High and dry

Imagine a flood.

Living in the Netherlands, we’re naturally boned when it comes to water things. Hell, only slightly more than 50% of the country is comfortably above sea level, and that number is just going to keep on decreasing. It’s made us good at engineering, we’re holding up against the elements pretty well, but just imagine everything suddenly failed and the country got spilled over. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex, so I’d say I’m pretty safe.

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I was going to write a post about how all the cool problems in tech have already been solved, but that’s not actually true.

Of course, the folks who invented the core of modern technology got dibs on all the most interesting problems there, but when you take things a little higher you’ll find a lot of things still left to solve. And even on the lower levels, where plenty of algorithms have already been proposed, you’ll find a lot of room for improvement.

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It appears the quality of social media content has been declining fairly steadily.

I had the chance to Skype with the technical founder of Urbit today (!!!), and we spoke a bit about the way the network would (should) be solving problems we see arise in today’s internet landscape. The state Urbit is in right now is very comparable to Usenet back in the early days. A small community of people savvy enough to find their way in. It makes for a very tight-knit culture. And yet, as exampled by social media these days, it can grow to become a very… noisy and unclean environment when more and more people get on board.

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The ground under his feet trembled and shifted. Every kick down into the dirt precise and calculated.

‘Bhan, don’t do this.’ his sister pleaded. ‘You don’t have to.’ The guards in front of her knew it was no use. Bhan had gained notoriety in the area for his stubbornness. He was quick on his feet, everything else about him was unmoving. Rumor had it not even the elements of Nature itself were able to bring him down. He wasn’t planning on going anywhere. Everything around him just had to conform.

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