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28 01 17

To education,

If you’re going to produce people by the masses, at least try to breed diversity.

But no, that’s not going to fit your “just pump these kids through” business model. It’s cheaper to generalize and centralize and generate a monoculture than to allow people to discover, specialize in the things that attract them, and in that way create diverse subcultures rich with enthusiastic individuals. Fuck yeah, education.

Here I thought we were living in a post-specialization world, where every job is so terribly specific that you need years of education to do it. That’s fine, but what good does that do if people can’t find the direction they’d like to progress towards? What’s the use of providing a generalized package of education to all those fresh young minds that are so actively searching for something cool?

Education and the culture in and surrounding it isn’t currently very conductive to the raising of passionate innovators, even though that’s exactly what the world of today needs. We’ve come a long way, but as our window of possibility broadens, so should the army of people that are willing to make use of it.

There’s a lot that can be done here, but I guess institutions want the security of having their wallets filled.
~ Fang

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