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That is the query.

A little while ago I promised “better comments”, referring to getting y’all actually notified when I reply to your comments. I was looking at Disqus as a potential platform to help with that and make other improvements to how comments function here, but now I’m not so sure I actually want it. Sure, using a common platform for comments has nice advantages, but it also locks me into their system.

I still want to be able to style everything to integrate cleanly into my design, I don’t want all kinds of extra cruft to pad loading times even further. I want full freedom and control. Theoretically, I could write my own notification thing for this, but it’ll likely end up a shitty hack I don’t really want to bother maintaining.

Not to mention I don’t actually know if an occasional automatic “hey I replied to you” would increase interaction. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t, but I’m not my readers, so what do I know?

Would you like to be let known when I reply to your comments? If anyone says “yes, by email” I’ll be surprised.
~ Fang


  • 01/02/2017 (5:18 PM)

    Yes, by text message? E-mail is so 1999. Yawn.

    Being notified when you reply WOULD be handy, though. Even by e-mail.

    Also, have you considered using Blogger’s comment platform? Ha, I almost typed that out with a straight face. Almost.

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