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01 01 17

The coming year

Happy new year folks, I hope you all had a wonderful night!

Twenty-seventeen, ho boy. It’s going to be a year of change, a year of firsts, a year of “let’s see where this goes”. Right off the bat I have a lot waiting for me, and I’m eager to dive in! Short-term, the internship continues in two days, and hopefully I’ll be able to lay down a good proof of concept. More importantly, I hope to give a kick-ass presentation about the whole deal and convince some people of my worth to graduate.

After that, off to the gallows it is with me. I already have a promising opportunity waiting at my internship company, and even if that somehow still falls through there’s plenty of other options for me. I will be full-time employed for the most part of 2017, and it’s kinda scary but also really exciting!

If money, time and health all allow it, I’ll be traveling outside the cozy confines of the EU again this year. So many places to visit and people to see in the US, I really hope I can somehow make it. Still lots of planning for that to do, it hasn’t really been on my mind much lately. Going to be fun though!

As for resolutions, numero uno is work on Urbit more, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. After that though, and just as important, come do no harm, maximize the value of your time, and try new things. Not exactly the most specific resolutions, but you should have some things to strive for in general, right?

Who’s ready to be sorely disappointed and yet not at all surprised once again? 2017’s going to be great!
~ Fang


  • 04/01/2017 (7:26 PM)

    Cheers to full-time employment! May your job be a lot more Silicon Valley than Office Space, and we hope you do end up taking that trip. Many beers and hikes await you here. They’re currently buried under a foot of snow, but should thawed out before summer.

  • 02/01/2017 (12:46 AM)

    Oh. Fullt-time employment. Lucky you.

    I’m kidding. I hope this year is challenging and productive for you.

    I’m excited about whatever is going to happen in the next twelve months. If it happens to kill me, you can come back to this comment and say, “She started the year with so much hope!”

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