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I can’t get over how catchy that phrase is. Can’t say it without grinning like an idiot.

In gearing up for The Final Presentation, The Last Stand, All-or-Nothing Defense, or whatever you want to call my graduation-presentation (god damn that sounds funky), I’m forced to articulate what I’ve learned over the past four months at the internship. No easy task, I have to keep the entire thing under twenty minutes after all. But I think I got it.

No single thing has become more obvious than the value of teamwork. It sounds cliché, and of course we all know working together is important, but never before have I been able to see its effects so clearly. Before the turning point, I was only making slow progress and falling very behind on schedule. After reevaluating my approach and deciding to do it all different — less desk-work, more talking to the team — it wasn’t long before I was running ahead of schedule instead!

Rather than relying on the things I could do by myself (very little), I called upon the collective knowledge and experience of my colleagues. They’re the experts after all, and can make way better calls than I’ll ever be able to. As I got them all together for discussions, they guided me in the right direction. The end result was almost guaranteed to be mutually beneficial.

The experience won’t likely be forgotten.
~ Fang


  • 19/01/2017 (3:15 AM)

    It’s true, because people have different strengths and foci.

    I hope you do great!

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