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08 01 17

Source of Good

Or: visiting a beer brewery.

Because that’s exactly what we did today, some pals and I. We drove an ungodly distance away from our homes to visit the brewery of our favorite beers. The brand Hertog Jan is named after some duke from the thirteenth century, who loved to live the good life by doing knight things and drinking beer. Truly the kind of person we should all strive to be. Except maybe for the lots of illegitimate children thing.

But I digress. We made our way over there and got a tour of the brewery. They walked us through the whole process, from hops and malt to the finished product. Along the way we got to taste the beer as it exists during its various stages. “Pre-beer” isn’t something I’d want to drink for fun, but it has some interesting characteristics to it.

Apparently one of their beers won gold at the World Beer Cup in 2014. Got my first taste of it sometime last year, and it was an instant favorite. Apparently it gets better with age, but I can’t always exercise that kind of self-control.

Supposedly they become mad valuable after a couple of years, but it wouldn’t surprise me if most of that is marketing talk.
~ Fang


  • 09/01/2017 (2:48 AM)

    I don’t drink beer but it is always fun to learn how something is made right there where it’s made.

    That’s putting a weekend to good use.

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