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29 01 17

Solution sharer

Solve your own problems, for others.

The niftiness of open source still amazes me. At its core it’s such a simple concept, but it’s an amazingly powerful collaboration tool. Instead of users being stuck with the problems in their software, they can actively work to solve them— or at the very least share any information they have about it in the hopes it will help someone else fix it.

Any work users put towards making their experience better can be pushed back upstream and then shared with the rest of the user-base. This encourages tinkering, modifying and fixing because you’re not just working for yourself anymore. Your efforts go towards a “greater good”.

Some governments are actually open sourcing their software and processes, and are seeing great results. Citizens are no longer at the mercy of poorly designed applications, they are given the ability to make them better. Not to mention the value that brings to national community building.

It’s great and I love it. I just wish I had started making contributions sooner.
~ Fang

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