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02 01 17

Slow start

Gave myself the day off, and I still don’t feel quite rested.

The first two nights of the new year have been really fun, but also a bit draining at that. Wouldn’t have missed them for the world though, I call this a great start. Great, but slow. I’ve read a couple of interesting things but otherwise haven’t been very productive yet. But hey, that’s gonna change tomorrow.

I’ll be going back to the internship to make a proof of concept, prove my theoretical design will work in the practical world. It should, but I’m sort of curious how ideal it’ll turn out to be, implementation-wise. Haven’t done much diving into those details, otherwise the research would have many more months to go. Maybe years even.

Hopefully I’ll get some good and effective shuteye tonight.
~ Fang


  • 05/01/2017 (4:49 PM)

    Well hopefully you did get that effective sleep and you’ve gotten back in the swing of things. I know how you feel. I took a few days off work and it’s taking a little time to really get back into it.

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