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21 01 17

Six years!

Holy baloney it’s been that long already!

Last year I did something a little special for the five year milestone, gathering statistics from those five years of blogging. A year later now, and I’m taking it a bit easier. No big celebration, but at least a quick mention of this oh so special day. Hell, on the blog’s fourth birthday I completely forgot. That’s not happening to me this time!

Another great year of blogging it’s been. Feels like more downs than ups when it comes to “regular” posts, but I did do a lot of writing the past year. Let’s see if we can do even better than that this time around, I’m sure that’s more interesting to read than my nonsensical ramblings.

Slightly related, the Caves heading in the navigation bar has been replaced by a link to all my writing scraps, something I should’ve done much earlier. I’ll likely also be rewriting the blog’s template to load faster and actually look decent on mobile, something which is long overdue. I may move away from WordPress and go with something I roll myself, or just something more simplistic.

Oh and better comments, soon!
~ Fang


  • 23/01/2017 (1:57 PM)

    You’ve been blogging day in and day out for six years. That’s quite a feat. You always try and put something up, even if it’s not much. That’s commendable.

  • 23/01/2017 (6:05 AM)

    I was going to leave a more meaningful comment, but this page just won’t load fast enough. Everything is pixelated! Ugh, what is this, dial up? GOD!

    (I have no idea how you could possibly make this faster, but cheers to six years and cheers to always wanting to improve!)

  • 21/01/2017 (11:33 PM)

    Better comments?! I’m doing the best I can already!

    I’m kidding. Congrats on six years. It’s quite a commitment.

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