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10 01 17


No, it’s not drinking cheap liquor prior to doing your development job.

In the world of fast-moving and complex technology, it’s more often than not necessary to put your product in the hands of developers before it’s even ready for them. If you start pulling talent into your community any later, it’ll be a while after your release before developers can do theirs. Not to mention, there’s plenty of valuable feedback to be harvested from fresh minds toying with your trying-to-get-their technology.

But since your product isn’t actually fully ready for anything yet, there’s kinks in cables and bumps on roads that people will stumble upon. It’s pretty nasty to try out this cool new thing that was supposedly implemented, only to find a bug within your first ten minutes of playing with it.

On the other hand, getting to play with such a bleeding edge at all is incredibly exciting and all kinds of fun. Hell, one could argue the problems are part of the charm of such an experience and can give you useful insights and clear points to contribute to.

Not to mention the “hey I was there first” bragging rights.
~ Fang

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