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15 01 17

Origin stories

“How do you even think of that?”

Origin stories for revolutionary ideas and concepts are the best thing. And I get the feeling there’s actually only a small-ish amount that sits in between the two extremes, the rest of such inventions falling square onto one of the following: “I had a problem so I solved it.” or “I thought up something crazy while under the influence and it solves a problem.” There’s room for overlap there, but you get the idea.

The latter for some reason seems pretty common, though that may just be because it’s more interesting to hear about than the former. Still, it’s fascinating to read about what prompted something cool or valuable to be created. We’ll never know the entire process, we can’t read minds after all, but there’s definitely glimpses to be caught.

Even if we cannot learn anything from those tiny rays of creation we can catch, they are still very inspiring. Maybe we’ll have one of those moments too someday, where we lay down the beginning of a new era in however niche a category we decide to do so.

We can only try our best, and maybe trip on acid once or twice. It worked for all those Silicon Valley folks, and more!
~ Fang


  • 15/01/2017 (11:57 PM)

    I am fascinated by how most great ideas aren’t arrived at by someone sitting down and consciously coming up with them.

    The subconscious almost always does it behind the scenes, it seems. That could be drugs, I guess, which make the mind work in ways other than our usual.

    I read an article about how we process things during sleep. If someone is introduced to a new video game (it was a snow-skiiing game where you stood on a thing where it felt like real skiing) and then slept, you’d be better at it when you woke up and tried again.

    The brain processes things and works at problems when we’re doing other things.

    I love that.

    • 16/01/2017 (7:39 PM)

      What Nas said. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and formulated a great idea. It’s always come as a result of sleep. I wake up in the morning and think, hey, that would make a great comic! Or that would make a great novel!

      Often, before I write, I take a nap, and suddenly everything just comes to me. Otherwise I’d probably just sit in front of a blank screen for hours with nothing coming to me.

      And I can’t figure out if that’s genius or lazy.

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