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I am writing this record for future thinkers, in the hope they are smarter than me.

For generations Varr has plagued us, and unbroken rule of fear and death. Seeking a method of defense I have studied the devilish creature, observed its behavior, measured its ability. By all accounts my life should have gone to Ama thirty times over. Yet I lived. Persevered. To all who may read this and suffer under the pressure of Varr, use the information written herein to your advantage. An end must be put.

Not infrequently Varr can be seen soaring among the mountaintops to our south. In winters, it may roar if it finds the sun already departed. In summers, after basking for as long as it can, it may descend in our direction. I have not yet found a way to predict this event. As you may find, Varr behaves as it pleases.

When it comes, you will not hear it. Only see it. Darkness may have started, but Varr glows faintly. It does not shine, but a light silhouette paints itself onto the landscape and sky. Most usually settling at the edge of town, it wanders in. Initially crawling around without much intent, I have observed the following two ways in which it may proceed.

  • If there are people out and about, it aggressively searches them, seeking out individuals it sees fit for eating. Observations have suggested those carrying gold — and to a lesser extent silver — coins are more likely to become prey. In some cases, it should be noted, the stomach of Varr may be a more welcoming fate. An assumed swift death seems preferable to dying from the wounds one can sustain from a violent frisking. Medicine has come a long way, but broken bones are still difficult to treat at best. But I digress.
  • If the entire town has sought refuge within their homes or shelters, or an economical depression has overcome our town, Varr turns to leveling our structures. Not through brute force — it seems incapable of any physical feat but speed and agility — but rather by fire. If it so chooses, the air it breathes out turns to flames. When it does this it produces an oddly familiar hissing sound, like that of a smith his bellow, but with stronger intimidation. Once it is pleased with the damage is has done, it rummages through the remains, sniffing, eating things from the rubble.

Having swallowed its share, Varr retreats back to the southern range, only to do it all over again within the year. On one occasion I have attempted to shadow it on its way back. I managed to catch sight of what I can only assume is its nest: a wide and blackened cave. As the sun rose I spotted glimmers surrounding its home, and many more within it. Regrettably, the prospect of the creature awakening kept me from exploring further.

What Varr lacks in strength it makes up for in literal firepower. We tried a handful times, but its scales seem impenetrable and annoyances like defiance just make it more likely to act out. We do not have the resources royal cities have so our options for defense are limited. I have speculated moving away from golden currency as a potential solution, but even if it worked a small town like ours could not shift monetary practices. We would simple end up starving.

Readers. Thinkers. Helpers. I beg of you, make the most of my findings. There must be information we can gather or deduce to help us combat the tyrant.

Thank you.
– Simon Malhep

Spoiler alert: the glimmering is dragon poop. Dragons poop gold. They hoard it by eating. This is canon. A reason has not yet been discovered, but exists.
~ Fang


  • 19/01/2017 (10:43 PM)

    And here I’ve lived all my life never having imagined a violent dragon frisking. Thanks for fixing that for me. I could practically feel it.

    I love this, because you always read from the view of the brave knight who’s just going to take care of it himself with brute force (psssh, like a sword can take out a gold-pooping dragon so easily) but I like that it comes from the perspective of a brave intellectual who’s describing the real problems this thing is causing.

    I’m guessing a non-violent protest isn’t a proper solution?

    • 19/01/2017 (11:00 PM)

      You could always just offer large quantities of gold to your demonic god, but the king demands much the same.

  • 16/01/2017 (1:38 PM)

    That was a kickass little thing to read. I always loved dragons. Mostly because I’ve never been eaten, burned, or terrorised by one.

  • 14/01/2017 (2:46 AM)

    “An end must be put.” I like that.

    I hope that Simon Malhep or others in his town eventually summon (summoned?) the courage and strength to take Varr on.

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