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25 01 17

Newness fatigue

When there’s something shiny and new every day, it’s no longer shiny.

The “comms for gaming” scene isn’t the most stable one, with lots of software in there trying to grab their share of the userbase. Skype is common because it’s Microsoft, TeamSpeak and Mumble are doing alright, Discord has grown up really well, and some people also use Slack. All fine and dandy, but because of how spread out people are over all those services you sometimes have to jump between them if you want to hang online with a different crowd.

That’s a terrible experience in and of itself, especially when you have to maintain accounts on (and awareness of!) those platforms, but it gets even worse when a new piece of software enters the fray. Some people push to move, others reluctantly follow. Some stay, others go back to what they’re used to.

And it’s never fun. Not even once have I felt like all the cool features a platform offered were worth the effort of switching back and forth. Hell, I just want to text and voice chat with pals, why would I need anything specialized?

I’d suggest an alternative solution, but then there’d just be yet another competitor.
~ Fang

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