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06 01 17

Never wait

Nothings lasts forever, so take it while you can.

Often enough have I waited to do something or make a choice, only to then be late to the party and have options or opportunities taken away from me due to tardiness. And there’s no worse feeling than being in such a situation and realize it too late. So don’t do that, and just take what you can when you can instead.

Of course sometimes you need that extra time for deliberation, it can certainly be nice to have. But unless it’s a Very Important Choice or Action, there’s usually not much you can lose by just jumping in and rolling with it right away.

Early bird gets the worm, and all that.
~ Fang


  • 09/01/2017 (1:56 PM)

    Hopefully the opportunities that you missed out on weren’t that great. I’ve let a lot of things pass me by. You really should grab life by the horns more often and just go for something if you know you want it.

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