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12 01 17

Logical fiction

Logicality through pure realism doesn’t count.

It can be really fun to take fantasy fiction to the next level of world-building: being fully logical. Sure, maybe your fictional world has levitating cats, but how do they do it? Are the physics of your world different from ours? How does that impact other things, does gravity still function as is our norm? If cats can levitate, couldn’t science extract their powers to make hover-cars? On and on.

A zombie virus is making the rounds, and it’s hella effective. But why doesn’t their flesh rot off their corpses? Shouldn’t they be a bunch of skeletons? How does the virus work? Why wouldn’t it infect animals as well? Birds can get infected, so the spread should be portrayed many times faster. How does the virus operate, can it be found in a zombie organism’s feces? We’d be wiped out before you could double-check.

What about dragons? Do they fly? How can they? How do they keep their body temperature up, if that’s even how they produce flames. What’s the evolutionary purpose of that, anyway? And why are they so obsessed with gold and other shiny loot? How terrible is their gambling addiction?

You can’t bring your world-building to 100% if you can’t answer those kinds of questions. Not that it’s needed for a good story though!
~ Fang


  • 16/01/2017 (7:54 PM)

    Not sure if you’re familiar with The Strain, but I loved the beginning of that series because it explained vampirism as a virus strain in such depth that it was, well, kinda mindblowing. But then by book 3 there was talk about how it was handed down by the ancient gods on a mountain and the only way to stop it was an ancient relic… yeah, logic thrown right out the damn window after all that hard work. I hated it.

  • 13/01/2017 (1:31 PM)

    I think that these kinds of questions are the reasons I avoid world building. I’m not able to really think about all of this. I had a hard enough time answering the questions of Immortal Space and there are still some left over. It does add an element of fun to it though; to perfectly design and create everything.

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