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26 01 17


To grok: to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.

Hoping to spend this precious free time productively, I’m doing work for Urbit. (Yeah, you guessed it.) The thing I’m working on forced me to touch parsers again. Now, extracting data from text in and of itself isn’t that difficult, but the available library is almost as large as the list of things you want to do with it. And discoverability of all those built-in functions is kind of awful.

Having to go back and forth between code and documentation to understand what the hell is going on is a pretty poor developer experience, but considering the environment there isn’t a quick way around that. We just need better docs. Regardless, I’m starting to see how these things hook together to do complex work. I’m getting a feeling for their machinations and uses, I’m grokking parsers in Hoon.

There’s a little introductory post I wrote on the forum a while ago, maybe I should revisit that. I can build better, more useful and real examples now. If it’s possible to cut learning time for others down, then I really should.

But first, this feature I was working on.
~ Fang


  • 27/01/2017 (2:39 PM)

    Work on the features first, and then work on making it easier for other people to make features of their own. It’s cool you want to improve documentation though and you’re willing to take it into your own hands.

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