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03 01 17

Good start

Mondays on Tuesdays have been worse to me in the past.

Got back to the internship and spent the larger part of the day fuddling around with basic things and getting them to work right. Starting to get a very vague idea of the mechanics the thing I’m supposed to be making will be founded on, so that’s definitely progress. Also had a short chat with my mentor, who’s pushing me through some process behind the scenes, and aside from a “yes” and an “I can start at x date” I pretty much have my first job?

Question marks and hesitance because I haven’t signed anything yet and it all still feels very unofficial and up in the air, but things are being spoken about as if this is the real thing. Hell, I even know what I’m going to be earning already! From the label it sounds like it’s the lowest pay class they’re offering, but it’s still really good money for someone just entering the job market.

Heh, look at me talk like I have any context or experience to go by. Well, time to turn down all those other recruiters I suppose.
~ Fang


  • 04/01/2017 (7:30 PM)

    I might have been hesitant to congratulate you if it was just something loosely spoken about, but if you know what you’re going to make, that sounds promising! My wife just got a new job and didn’t even know what she was making until 3 weeks in (true story).

    So cheers to 2017 already being off to a promising start!

    • 04/01/2017 (8:17 PM)

      Hell, I was even asked about my salary-expectations beforehand. Pretty strange question to ask a first-timer, especially now that I know they have pre-defined “classes” of salary.

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