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They're coming down the stairs.
‘Go on, get it done!’ they yelled at me. ‘Write, something good this time!’

The sun started evaporating the sweat on my skin as soon as I went outside. The air conditioning had spoiled me. With a pencil and notebook in hand, shadowed by the guards, I sauntered towards the park. Its surprisingly lively foliage would keep me from shriveling up in the heat of late spring.

The guards were there to protect me from harm. Not for my well-being, but for my utility. I imagine our boss believing I wasn’t aware of them, but how could I not? It was like they weren’t even trying to stay out of my notice. Initially they made me more nervous, like there was something I was supposed to be afraid of. But if there really was, I surely would’ve known it by now.

I sat down under an acacia tree and pushed my needless protectors out of mind. The park wasn’t empty, but the enthusiastic yelling of playing children worked to ease my thoughts further. Reminded me of simpler times. But those times weren’t now, and reminiscing wasn’t the task at hand. No, I had to write. I had to let the words come to me and write.

Write grand tales about droughts and misfortune, miracles and relief. Intricate plots, unexpected betrayal, victories and defeats. Not for the pleasure of writing, not for the thrill of imagining. For powerful people to read, and try to cheat with. But try as they may, the stories they live won’t be different from the ones I’ve written. The future is unavoidable, even to those who know it.

I can’t get over how trope-y the “you can’t change the future” thing feels.
~ Fang


  • 02/02/2017 (1:35 PM)

    That was a fun little thing. There were a few grammar mistakes here and there but they didn’t damage the flow of the story at all. There are several ways you can take the story, and they’re all pretty interesting. Fine job.

    • 02/02/2017 (10:50 PM)

      I really need to proof-read my own stuff, but eh for effort.

  • 01/02/2017 (5:27 PM)

    Relevant AF. I feel like this should be required reading for all of those fake news sites. Even though they won’t learn anything, and will probably just copy/turn it into another fake story.

    • 02/02/2017 (1:51 AM)

      Re: your tweet
      Maybe I’m just caught up in the political shitstorm here, but I just had this idea as I was reading this that someone with political power is demanding that a writer create a bunch of positive stories, meant to spin these ‘powerful people’, as you call them, into the heroes, as a way of combating the ‘bad’ stories. That’s why they start by telling him to write something GOOD. The last story was something that another writer easily spun into a bad story.

      And so our writer is tasked with creating these grandiose stories that make these politicians look good. Meanwhile, our dear knows that these stories will never have a happy ending, because the truth will always come out, and the end result of whatever the powerful people are actually doing will ultimately be seen by all.

      So… I’m completely off, huh? Did I just create my own story out of this thing?

      • 02/02/2017 (9:20 AM)

        How can you not get caught up in political shitstorms? The left is literally gaining right-ish attributes, that’s how bad it is.
        But yeah, you’re way off and I don’t actually see that hinted to myself aside from the “powerful people”. It’s about this guy who’s some sort of seer and is forced to write down his visions of the future as they come to him, so his country’s leaders can try and use that information for whatever they’re trying to do.

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