Fang Talks

It begins.
18 01 17


You know you’ve got a problem when you’re more or less monologuing about something others don’t care much for.

I keep wanting to talk to people about Urbit and share how cool it is and how weirdly comfy Hoon is to program in, but there aren’t many techies in my life that aren’t already converted. That excitement must go somewhere, I need an outlet for it. And I do have such an outlet, namely working on Urbit-related things, but it just generates more excitement. Where’s the ceiling here?

At least my energy is getting channeled into something productive. I hope I’ll be able to keep that trend going once the amount of time I have available for it skyrockets, instead of spending that surplus on lazing. It has happened before, grand plans remaining just that to make room for Sloth Activities.

But no, my determination shall not waver. My excitement problem is too far out of control for that.
~ Fang

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