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That is the query.

A little while ago I promised “better comments”, referring to getting y’all actually notified when I reply to your comments. I was looking at Disqus as a potential platform to help with that and make other improvements to how comments function here, but now I’m not so sure I actually want it. Sure, using a common platform for comments has nice advantages, but it also locks me into their system.

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‘Go on, get it done!’ they yelled at me. ‘Write, something good this time!’

The sun started evaporating the sweat on my skin as soon as I went outside. The air conditioning had spoiled me. With a pencil and notebook in hand, shadowed by the guards, I sauntered towards the park. Its surprisingly lively foliage would keep me from shriveling up in the heat of late spring.

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29 01 17

Solution sharer

Solve your own problems, for others.

The niftiness of open source still amazes me. At its core it’s such a simple concept, but it’s an amazingly powerful collaboration tool. Instead of users being stuck with the problems in their software, they can actively work to solve them— or at the very least share any information they have about it in the hopes it will help someone else fix it.

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28 01 17

To education,

If you’re going to produce people by the masses, at least try to breed diversity.

But no, that’s not going to fit your “just pump these kids through” business model. It’s cheaper to generalize and centralize and generate a monoculture than to allow people to discover, specialize in the things that attract them, and in that way create diverse subcultures rich with enthusiastic individuals. Fuck yeah, education.

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27 01 17

Success story

At the risk of coming across like a wanker: the entirety of this post.

Things are looking up for me. Have been, for the past while. Successful internship, graduation, instant job offers. I’m not terribly ill, I enjoy my work and hobbies, and I’m not struggling with finance. Hell, I’d say things aren’t just looking up, they’re looking super duper good. Strangely, the situation has but one flaw: it’s too perfect.

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