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13 12 16

Uh oh

Shit just sort of happens, you know?

We had an outing with some of the development teams from my internship today. I got to come along, and it was great! We went to a place that had it all: kart racing, laser games, escape rooms. Participated in the first two, then had dinner and drinks together. Great times!

Except I rammed into a stationary vehicle during karting. My victim made it out unscathed, but I have a wrist injury to show for it. My right wrist is sore, stiff, and painfully inflexible, so I’m forced to type this purely with my left. (Ah, the dedication!) I pray to every unholy creature this is just a muscle injury, not a bone one. That’d be Bad for me.

Here’s hoping I can report recovery tomorrow.
~ Fang

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