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As if they want to get you mad.

One moment you think you have it all, everything going smoothly. And then the other, your life is falling apart. For some reason, only God knows why (and only God knows why my dictation software capitalizes God), something has just stopped working. It has up and decided to just give no fucks anymore, refusing to do what it used to.

These kinds of problems are notoriously hard to solve, especially if you have no way of knowing what exactly has changed. You think that one thing looks different but you can’t be sure. And testing if that is actually the cause may be pretty difficult.

This stuff definitely gets under my skin. I worked long and hard on really nice setup, and everything was fine. Until it suddenly wasn’t. And not even by my own fault. There’s generally not anything new to learn, it’s just stupid, pointless debugging.

Except for those times when it turns out you did mess up.
~ Fang


  • 22/12/2016 (1:43 PM)

    If something went wrong then there is something to learn from it, even if that thing is “this software is broken”. It’s very annoying when things decide to just not work anymore though. God is one of those words that always seems to get capitalised. I guess it’s because it’s a name as well as a title.

    • 22/12/2016 (5:08 PM)

      Generally I just refer to the concept of “a god” though, which shouldn’t need capitalization. It helps make clear you’re not involving some deity in things.

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