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Don’t breathe it in too deeply now.

There’s something about experiencing something for the very first time. And here’s exactly what that is: new. I wouldn’t call it an element of surprise, most of the time you know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s definitely some kind of element there though, something magical about perceiving something you haven’t before.

When you, say, hear a song for the first time your brain fires up. You have heard many things like this, so you know how to process it, but there’s no exact match of it in your memory. It doesn’t map to anything. In an instant, brain things happen and it becomes a part of the experiences that make your mind what it is. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we’re hardwired to desire those moments. They allow us to learn about more and more new things, after all!

Sometimes though, I wish I could forget. Forget about that cool game, forget the plot of that movie, forget the finest details of my favorite song. But alas, I’ll never experience them like I did the first time.

Moments only last for a moment, who would’ve thought.
~ Fang


  • 15/12/2016 (1:37 PM)

    While you can never experience something again for the first time, there is something to be said about experiencing it again and noticing all those little things you didn’t before. It’s also a lot of fun to experience someone else experiencing something for the first time. It’s the closest you can get and it still feels good.

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