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Tainted eyes

We see the world though tainted eyes, tainted by the world its lies.

And there really is no way around it. It’s really difficult to look at the world from an unbiased perspective, objectively judging what is good and what is bad. We were born in it, raised to believe in more or less modern values. But like the victor writes history, they also write the status quo.

But then, do we really want to look at things from a clean slate perspective? Surely good trumps evil, and the progress of the past thousand years has been leading us towards a brighter future. Then what point is there in straying from that path, doubting what has transpired? Is there any use in doubting the victor, or is blind faith a safer path to walk?

Past results can teach us a lot about what to do and what not to do. We can still observe cause and effect, but maybe we should detach moral judgement from that.

But what do I know. This post is barely even coherent.
~ Fang


  • 11/12/2016 (12:46 AM)

    The Buddhists talk about seeing the world through clean eyes, basically, not attaching likes and silikes to things before we process them.

    But that’s not possible, because it’s not even how our brains work. In fact, our brains filter things for danger before we even fully process what we’re looking at.

    You’ll jump at a snake before your conscious mind knows it’s a snake.

    Value judgments are everywhere.

    I feel like I’m defending that, and I don’t mean to…

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