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Maybe you’ve seen a couple videos about all the “YouTube drama”. It spiked a little while ago, calming down a bit now, but the issue is platform-agnostic. YouTube changed something about how their platform worked, and it affected lots of users (both viewers and creators) negatively. Outcry ensued, you know how it goes. And while I do think bad things are bad, I feel “blaming the platform” isn’t justified.

The platform owes its users nothing. In the case of YouTube, yes, people make their living off it and having it be as unstable as it is makes their future less secure. And sure, the platform needs creators to keep doing their jobs because it thrives on content. But the platform is not obliged, contractually or otherwise, to listen to its users or keep them feeling secure.

If a business feels something is a good move to make, it makes that move. If related parties aren’t a primary concern in those moves, they may suffer. Platforms try their best to keep on existing, but when you run, you may occasionally stumble. Uproar doesn’t change that.

I wish it were different, I wish moral obligations counted for anything. But they don’t.
~ Fang

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