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30 12 16

Not enough days

Whew, and here I thought it was only the 29th today. Shocker!

For some people there’s not enough hours in a day, and for some there’s not enough days in a year. I’d take a shot at years in a lifetime, but who knows how that’ll turn out for our generation. Regardless, time is infinite and we still have too little of it. Go figure how much things we have on our to-do lists!

Before the end of the year, I still have to write an end-of-year post, a start-of-year post, finish a mock design, email that and raise some hopefully not invalid points about things, go to a party and party. That’s quite the list for barely more than twenty-four hours!

But I’ll manage. These are things that have been brewing in the back of my head for some amount of time already, so I’m not going in blind for once. How’s that for a plan!

Luckily, this all goes hand in hand with my plan to stay up a tad later to shift my schedule so I’m not asleep around midnight tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 02/01/2017 (2:48 PM)

    Here’s hoping you were able to get everything done. I managed to do it so I’m sure you would be able to. You’re more productive than me. Happy new year Fang.

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