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Worldbuilding’s really cool, but as a reader the extensiveness of some fictional universes scare me away.

Case: the Marvel and DC universes. There’s an immense amount of content in comic form. They’re starting to pull some of that extensive lore into their movies, but they’ll never be able to cover everything the comics have so far. And while all of their multiverse shenanigans and obscure characters seem really interesting, there’s no way I’ll ever dive into that despite really wanting to.

There’s just too much to it. I fear I’ll never manage to digest it all, perhaps even die if I try. Doesn’t help that their lore is spread over decades of print, of which I can imagine a fair chunk being unavailable to anyone but avid collectors. It all just feels out of reach, and too big to consume anyway. I didn’t grow up on comics, so I may have missed the boat.

Sure online wikis are great, but they’re not an experience like the comics are.
~ Fang

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