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This is incredibly silly!
09 12 16


Truly the strangest thing.

Usually when I get really into something, I’ll be busy with it day after day. But after enough of those days, interest starts wavering, latching onto something new. And so I jump from one thing to the next, not rarely juggling multiple such “obsessions” at once. They fall out of style, get replaced, the cycle continues. But something’s been weird lately. Something’s sticking.

Last time this happened, if I’m not mistaken, was with game development. But even that faded eventually. The interest is still there, but the drive is lost. With this though, so far so good. Been working on it fairly regularly since this summer, and things are just pulling me in more and more.

Yes, it is Urbit. Maybe it’s because there’s still so much about it to learn for me — it’s an entirely new software stack after all — that I can keep making those steps forward, precisely those steps that make things feel worth doing. There’s room for me still to make continuous progress, but will interest remain when that room starts shrinking?

Time will tell. I want to put my money on yes, but I’m saving up.
~ Fang


  • 12/12/2016 (7:57 PM)

    Given how much you talk about Urbit I think you might have found a passion that can stay for once. Then again, you did actually produce a game (simple as it was) and then gave up on it. So who knows? It’s good to stick to a passion though. Keep playing with Urbit.

    • 12/12/2016 (10:07 PM)

      Oh I fully intend to this time around, and I will not fear to mention it every time it is even tangentially relevant! (;

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