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Let’s level with each other for a minute here.

It’s a really nice slogan for the open web, but that’s about it. Information doesn’t actually want anything. The very reason for its existence is to be conveyed, to transfer an data — however abstract or specific — from one place to the next. This involves spreading it which may be a definition of “free”, sure, but the spreading is not an inherent attribute of the information.

I wish it held up in some way, but I truly don’t see how it does. The only thing we can rely on is those that have power of the information. A user initiating a request. An ISP relaying it. A server providing it. Power is with the people, like it has always been.

Not all the people may be relied upon doing the right thing. Somehow, that is to be expected. After all, the system doesn’t solve the problem before it arrises, so how can it solve it now that it has already arisen?

Are we maybe clinging to a “could be better” system?
~ Fang


  • 02/12/2016 (1:32 PM)

    Information isn’t really alive. It doesn’t want anything. The system could probably be better but good luck bringing about change.

    • 02/12/2016 (6:20 PM)

      Well, it’s along the lines of what Urbit is aiming to do!

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