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Power of youth

Surely I can’t be the only one?

It feels like there’s an ever-increasing number of things in my life which I need to keep up with. From news you need to get notified about, to check-ins you’ve integrated into your daily routine. Over time you learn of new “important things” like these, and they just start piling up and up and up until your time gets so saturated with them you can’t help but scream a little.

Okay, it’s nowhere near that bad for me (yet), and I definitely do an occasional purge. But mapping vague lists of things like these out in my head still sees an upward trend in them, a trend I’m unsure I want to see continuing.

Part of it may be my field of work, too. If I don’t read up on the latest trends and changes in the industry, I’ll be left behind. There’s a constant nagging pressure to be involved in the field. And luckily I enjoy it, but not everyone will be so fortunate.

Still, it’s mostly a matter of time.
~ Fang

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