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Historians will thank us.

It’s the digital age. Most things of significance we produce nowadays can be preserved, easily and endlessly. And I’m sure there’s more than a scarce few of us who feel the need to exercise that possibility as much as possible. The kind of folks who watch a movie and keep it around for the rest of their lives. The kind of folks who add music to their library just to have it in their collection, not specifically to listen to it.

And they’re great, they’re the true heroes of this century and the ones to come. How will future generations ever relive the classics of our time if nobody makes an effort to preserve them? Well, that’s what they’re classics for. But there’s a million times more non-classics out there, the larger part which you’ve never even heard of. But that doesn’t make them less worthy of preservation!

I’m probably going to buy a bunch of big-ass hard drives with my third paycheck.
~ Fang


  • 06/12/2016 (12:16 AM)

    I am definitely a hoarder. At least hoarding digitally takes up less space. It is a bit more expensive though.

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