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Over a month in the making!
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Burdens lifted

The deed has been done.

I officially submitted my bachelor thesis today, and boy does it feel good. After four months of hard work and one postproduction correction too many I can finally say my research is done. Well, there’s still some loose ends here and there, but most of that is way out of scope of my research anyway. And who knows, maybe if I get to stay with the company interned at (which it is starting to look like!) then I get to tie some of those up myself.

For now, it just feels good to have no hard deadlines coming up. Sure, I still have a proof of concept to make, but I got the entire month of January for that and it’s actually fun work to boot. Can’t believe I finally get to actually make something!

I’ll be setting things up for easy continuation tomorrow, and then start a well-deserved Christmas break. For once, I truly feel like I need it!
~ Fang

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