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You just lost it

Well this is a fun one.

So I went karting (among other things) with the development teams from my internship yesterday. As I described in yesterday’s post I had injured my wrist in a karting accident. I brushed it off and gave it a night’s rest, but when I woke up it just hurt more. So I scheduled an appointment at my general practitioner, and luckily I still have time for me in the morning. They gave me a quick look at and referred me to the radiologist to get an x-ray of my wrist done.

He, in turn, was quick to refer me to the first aid. Apparently I had indeed broken my very first bone. They took another look at it and wrapped my lower arm in a cast. I’m surprised how swiftly it all went, I was back home in a few hours.

My arm still hurts like a motherfucker, but at least it’s much more likely to heal correctly now. The problem is, I won’t be able to use it for a while, and one-handed computing sucks. I’m trying to not feel silly as I dictate this to my computer, but it keeps being strange. (And the errors it makes even stranger.)

It beats typing with my left hand alone though, I can already feel the strain on it from just using the trackpad. It’s also still fatigued from the crash I made, but that should (hopefully) resolve itself soon.

This is going to be a fun holiday season though.
~ Fang

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