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Holy dicks!

Cyclists as a first-class citizen, truly the dream.

A day after breaking my right hand’s navicular bone, unable to operate the only working break on my bike, I single-handedly made my way to my general practitioner. Only in the Netherlands can you do that without causing even more trouble for yourself. Granted, I avoided intersections and chose safe roads, but I didn’t need to stray very far off my normal route for that.

Bikes have to be my favorite mode of transportation. They offer more speed than walking and more flexibility and finer control than a motorized vehicle. Not to mention they’re not expensive at all, you don’t need a high-end bike to have a high-end experience.

They are a really good fit for a tightly populated country like the Netherlands. You generally don’t have to cover enormous distances, nor climb tall hills, so aside from the weather there aren’t many downsides to biking as a mode of transportation here. And I love that we’ve embraced it, going so far as to giving bikers a get out of jail free card in most cases where involved in the bike-car accident.

Unlike in New York, biking isn’t for thrill seekers here, it’s for anyone willing to enjoy a nice ride.
~ Fang


  • 22/12/2016 (7:41 PM)

    Our city isn’t very bike-friendly either. Highways, two-lane roads with no shoulders or bike lanes, narrow side streets… I love riding my bike, but for me it has to just be a means of exercise, not a means of transportation. Not until I can pedal fast enough to ride on the highway, that is.

  • 22/12/2016 (12:23 AM)

    Unfortunately, my city is simply not built for bikes. Maybe someday.

    Glad that your injury hasn’t prevented you from getting around!

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